Fuel Surcharge

Fuel prices have spiraled upward in the last few weeks to historic highs. Schofield Stone and Patriot Carriers have acted in good faith and resisted seeking price relief, until now. The critical nature of the current situation has made it no longer possible for us to continue to absorb the increased costs.

Therefore, effective 3/14/22, we must implement a temporary fuel surcharge on all shipments. The fuel surcharge will remain independent from our base rates and will be shown as a separate line on our invoices.

The pricing of our fuel surcharge is based on a $4.00 base rate and will increase 0.5% for every $.05 that the National Average fuel price increases. You can see that breakdown HERE.  We will review this data and our actual costs on a weekly basis and post the weekly fuel surcharge % on our website.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and partnership as we all navigate the dilemma of these rapidly rising costs. Working together, we will keep the goods and services that power the American economy moving.

Source: Central Atlanttic (PADD 1B) Gasoline and Diesel Retail Prices (eia.gov).